Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 A new year a new me

2013 Thank goodness you are here and good reddens to 2012, what a fantastic and chaotic year it was.
I embrace this new year and all it has to bring....and to ensure this years success I am taking on and making this one a new journey, not only to make it exciting but to know that I put every effort into making this year a successful, productive and positive one.-TipToe Chick

TipToe Chick has put a video out and I am now going to do what she says because I am ready to get this going and get healthy and balanced! I am excited to do this with her!! I will set small goals, easier accomplished and easier on me, that way I get the gratification and the want to continue to set goals!  (see bottom for video link)

Goals to Achieve by Ostara (March 21st)

1) Get rid of all the junk in my house that I no longer use/need

2) Loose 20 lbs .......not to hard I don't think

3) Eat better

4) Make my Shrine a better place to visit for those apart of it

5) Try and cut sweets out for the whole month of January

My 3 Affirmations are:

I am funny

I am happiest when others are happy

I am Crafty!!!!

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  1. Fantastic Stephanie!!! Looking forward to accomplishing our goals together!!! Going to be a great year and we will make sure of it!!! )O(

  2. I agree :D thanks for following me :) cant wait to see what we can all do together!!

  3. Woot! Sounds like great goals. Lots of great blessings to you. You can do it!