Sunday, January 13, 2013

A New Year a New Me update

Well so far so good, on the dieting have only had a few sweet things here and there, But its going well. Wont be able to weigh myself until friday so will update again!

Other than that, I have been organizing my whole house, Moved all the furniture around in my bedroom for a better vibe or Feng Shui, so far its a lot better than where we had it! Slept like a baby for the 3 hours I got to sleep, hahah!!!   Diet wise I'm still keeping up with the weight on myfitnesspal....add me Silverstardragon

Exercise seems to always take a back burner though, need to bring it to the front and start working out more to help with the weight loss.

For food its just what I fix for the family but trying to take out some of the fat, or just eating less of it than i would normaly get! I see a little bit of a difference in my face so I would say maybe 5lbs gone!

                                        Hope your day is well xoxo Silver!!!

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  1. Sounding good so far, one step at a time right?!! Way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!