Monday, November 19, 2012

The Blood Drip necklace!

Hello everyone! Today I have a craft I found via Pinterest called the blood drip necklace ------------------------------------>

To make this necklace you need:
Fishing line
Dark red round crystal glass beads
Blood Red Faceted Rondelle Crystal beads 
Clasps and crimps to secure the necklace
Jewelry wire or findings depending on your preference 
as well as your jewelry making tools mine is a 3 in 1

To start you are going to string the beads on to the necklace you need 20 beads.

 Once that is complete you will begin to add the drips which you put on the wire then loop them as small as possible on to the fishing line then you finish off the necklace with your clamps and hooks to secure the necklace!! 

Hope this tutorial has been helpful!! 

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