Tuesday, February 19, 2013

13 lbs Banished

So today I finally got on and decided it was time to update my Blog! **Claps heard from all over** yes I know I have been away for a few weeks, I had quite a crazy past two weeks, father was in the hospital, work, family issues ect, ect...

Well, I was finally able to weigh myself, I have banished 13 lbs from my body! I am so happy to see all that baby weight finally coming off my midsection! It would be nice to see it come off a little faster but I know slow and steady will help me keep it off.

Other than that I do my everyday routines; Cleaning, sweeping, moping, making beds, dishes and clothes fun stuff am I right!! Wrong! haha  :P but I get to enjoy my kids growing up, help them with homework when they need it, or just little life lessons!

The other day my son was outside playing when he comes to the door and screams at me, "MOMMY" and so I didn't have a chance to really reply because I was making dinner, so he did it again...Finally I was able to turn around and I said,"yes honey what can I do for you", He pressed his little face against the screen, looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and says, "Mommy you are so beautiful and I love you!!" :'() tears welled up and I was just like wow! I am amazed at how wonderful he is and how sweet he can be! I am glad he has learned at least that in life how to make someone feel loved and important! Well I told him I loved him so very much and he told me again I was so beautiful haha Gotta love the sweetness from little boys!!

Well now that I have shared some of my week/month let me know how yours went!!

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