Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Choices I Make

Hello my lovely bloggers, Well I have been away for awhile, moved back home, tried to find a place and didn't succeed.  We stayed with my husband's mom for awhile, and I looked everyday for our own place, finally I grabbed the news paper one day and seen a listing about a huge home for cheap! Called immediately and told the man I was interested! Well, we got the house after a few weeks of waiting, impatiently I might add! Now we are moved in, we have lived here almost two months now! We had a few problems starting out...termites are very expensive! $1,200 later they are gone.

My weight loss took a back seat for the moment, as it failed the first attempt, so now I have to try a little harder the second time around!

Now on to my awful choice making skills, So about two weeks ago I wrecked my hubbies car, it needs a new radiator, bumper, and I warped the wheel, well he was upset at that..

Then to top it off, I dove into a local pond here in town Thursday, landed on a rock with my head :(

Needless to say, I am on a path of destruction and I am ready for that path to come to a end! It is getting painful.  But on a plus side my lovely daughters party was this past weekend and she had a blast!!! 6 years old and she thinks she is grown.  

            Well till the next time, 

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